People's Choice Prize

5 days in Pafos, Cyprus!

Aside frоm, or rather on top of all the prestigious awards of the International Salon With Love to Women, we have yet another surprise for you at the 11th Salon. We love meeting the participants of our Salon - why not invite one of the lucky ones to the Grand Opening of the Salon in Pafos on June 9, 2017?

So, here is the deal. One of the winners of the 11th Salon With Love to Women will be invited to travel to Pafos, Cyprus for the Grand Opening.

We provide:

  • 5-star hotel for two, B&B - 5 days
  • Special People’s Choice Prize cerificate
  • Attendance and speech at the Grand Opening of the 11th Salon
  • Meeting with the local photo society
  • And you get plenty of spare time to discover Pafos and shoot more great images

Nota Bene: Considering wide geography of our contestants, flight and other travel-related expenses, including, if applicable, visa fees, or the like are NOT included in People’s Choice package.

People’s Choice awardee will be selected among the winners of the 11th Salon by public vote on Facebook (voting mechanics will be disclosed on April 20, 2017).



Link to Album for voting

Voting deadline 15.05.2017 11:59 pm

Authors are welcome to promote their works

PS Unfortunately, due to Facebook policies we were forced to CENSOR some works in the People’s Choice Album, especially the Nude section of our Salon. We hate doing that, but we have to. With respect to such “facebook-censored” photos we will create a separate album and provide the link for you to enjoy these art pieces without distractions. And without our page admin getting another ban by Facebook.

To cast your vote for one or more work/author, you need to:

  1. 1. Like With Love to Women FB page (
  2. 2. Like&Share People’s Choice Album
  3. 3. Like the photos you like in the Album for People’s Choice Prize
  • - By liking one or more photos within the People’s Choice Album, provided you’ve completed the requirements above, you in fact cast your vote for the specific work|author
  • - We will count only the votes by users that completed the above requirements; so make sure your profile is open for verification of your public repost of the People’s Choice Album
  • - If the voting user did not observe the requirements above, such vote shall be disregarded
  • - If after verification the number of valid votes is reduced lower than the number of votes of the next runner-up for the People’s Choice Prize, such validation shall also be performed with respect to such runner-up. The work|author with most valid (!) votes shall be announced the winner of the People’s Choice Prize and get a chance to travel to Pafos, Cyprus for the Grand Opening!
  • - If the winner of the People’s Choice, as determined on May 16, 2017, is unable to travel to the Grand Opening due to short notice (visa if applicable, flight reservations, etc) we are open to suggest other dates for the People’s Choice trip.

If you are an author eligible for the People’s Choice Prize (and your work is in the People’s Choice Album) –you are welcome to promote your work by sharing it with your audience on and outside FB along with voting instructions above (1. Like the Salon’s FB page, 2. Like&Share People’s Choice Album 3. Like your photo to vote for it)



See you in Pafos, Cyprus for the Grand Opening of the 11th Salon With Love to Women!


All you need to know about the 11th Salon with Love to Women

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