Facebook Hates Art Photography

Remember, we've announced People's Choice ? Additional prize where one of the winners would be voted  by FB users to travel to Pafos, Cyprus? Two news.

BAD ONE. Evidently, Facebook hates art photography. We've posted the Album with the winners (including art nude section) of the 11th Salon - and our page admin was banned by Facebook. Facebook does not believe in art nude. Francisco de Goya, Titian, Gustav Klimt, Édouard Manet, Peter Paul Rubens and multitudes of other artists would end up under Facebook ban. So, we are in good company. 

GOOD ONE. We are still determined to run the People's Choice. Right now our team responsible for online activities of the Salon is thinking of alternative ways to do the voting, so keep watching out for the news on our website, and FB page too - once our FB page admin is released frоm ban. 

Due to this unexpected FB issue, the dates, both for voting and travel, might be subject to changes. Thank you for understanding.


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