Престижные международные награды ждут Вас в Салоне "С любовью к Женщине"- 2016

Awards worth competing for

Acknowledgement of you photo art piece is always nice. Acknowledgment of your photo art piece by the respectable International Photography Salon With Love to Women is much more than that, regardless of whether you are an experienced professional with years of background in photography or an eager enthusiast.

This year we've prepared the following honorable awards for you to compete for:

FIAP Blue Badge “Best Author of Salon - 2016"
3 Sets of Medals (Gold, Silver, Bronze); 
24 HM Ribbons

1 Set of Medals (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
6 Diplomas

2 Gold Medals

6 Gold Medals

6 Sets of Medals (Gold, Silver, Bronze)

With Love to Women-2016 Salon Awards
6 Gold Medals; 
30 HM Ribbons

Grand Prix of Salon 
Bronze Aphrodite

Detailed information about the International Photography Salon With Love to Women-2016 is available here http://galleryprostir.com/with-love-to-women/salon-2016.html
Submission deadline: March 15, 2017

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