Photo project "Breath of Lviv Secession"

Having a good remembrance and comprehension of the past, we can better understand the present and realize our existence in this world.

Penetrating into the past and forming in the mind somewhat adapted reconstruction, we are able to harmonize our own world outlook within the area of honorable attitude towards eternal human values.

The idea of historical reproduction of the Lviv Secession occurred to me several years ago. The unique collection of vintage dresses of Marina Ivanova inspired me with the implementation of this photo project.

The project was created with a positive emotional exhilaration. Therefore the work was performed in an easy and natural way. We all had an opportunity to experience the romance of the Secession Era. At some moment there was a sense of relief from present-day problems, clearing from everyday fuss and filling our soul with nobility and delicacy of feelings.

This was "the moment of truth" ...
This is an impressive display of one of the secret evening parties for which Lviv was famous in the late 19th century
...this is a brisk discussion of fashion novelties from Paris
...this is an exciting re-reading of interesting books from all over Europe
...this is an opportunity to play a new melody from Vienna
...this is the flavor of the Italian wine, seasoned with a zest of new Lviv gossip
...this is the stormy life, full of emotions, intrigue, worry, joy and everlasting love ...

Photo project of Yuriy Titovets "A Breath of Lviv Secession"

Enjoy it!
Sincerely Yours,

Yuriy Titovets.

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